It was decided in 2018 to merge Dignitas Ltd and The Complete View Ltd into a single company that will continue to trade as The Complete View Ltd (TCV).  As such Dignitas Ltd will ceased to accept any new business from 31st October 2018, and will cease to trade as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible. The skills, resources, software and services will all continue to be available through TCV, no job losses resulted, with the expectation being that this will drive new opportunities for work and the potential to expand the workforce in the future.

In October 2016, The Complete View Ltd announced release 2.5 of its 3D Software Package to support Residential and Commercial space modelling.  Updates in this version included improved on screen controls, a reduction in file size making the tool function better online, along with a range of bug fixes and coding improvements to improve performance.

From May to August 2010, The Complete View completed various online surveys and gathered online metrics from the likes of the Office for National Statistics and Government Digital Service, publishing its conclusions in the report entitled Interactive Marketing and Site Tools Study.  This will continue to be available online, with the intent being to update the numbers provided during the course of 2019.

Partnering with the WMG, International Manufacturing Centre at the University of Warwick, an initial Proof of Concept exercise was completed, creating a Version 1 of our software, it was not pretty, but it worked, and gave us a solid platform to demonstrate the concept to interested parties, both investors and prospective Customers in the construction industry.

The Complete View Ltd was incorporated in England & Wales on the 17th November 2011, as a dedicated entity to provide interactive 3 dimensional computer generated models, initially to residential property developers.  The general idea being to replace the static site map on the Sales Office wall, with a high quality multi-touch touch screen monitor, through which both Sales Staff, and prospective purchasers could interact with a model of the new build site.

In 2004, Craig Golby formed Dignitas Ltd, an IT Consultancy based out of Solihull in the West Midlands.  Providing IT and Project Consultancy Services within the Financial Services industry, Dignitas has continued to punch well above its weight for many years, landing well known Clients such as Ikano, LaSer and Nationwide, whilst also working with lesser known Corporate's such as Certegy, FIS & GMAC-RFC amongst others.