on October 19, 2016
Created: October 19, 2016

Latest Software Release

This year has absolutely flown by, and with 6 months between our last release and now, we thought it was about time we got something new out there for you to look at, and here it is.  Apart from a variety of small coding changes to improve performance and remove the odd defect, there are two fairly significant changes made in this release ...

  • The main feedback received against version 2.3 was that the combination of keyboard and mouse controls made for difficult interaction, so we have removed the keyboard controls and have instead added two on-screen 'virtual' joysticks.
  • We have worked hard to reduce the file sizes so as to speed the download for you all, initial reductions are a little over 40% so you should see a significant improvement here, and we have more to do here.

 We appreciate that this is something new, so we would like to help you through to an informed decision, whether it be to use our software or not.  Throughout the demonstration site you will see that in addition to the houses we have built,  there are a number of white cubes, these are placeholders for your houses.  What we would like to do is build one of your houses into our model free of charge so as to allow you to experience its virtual reality.

We recommend you take note of the following functions and controls, then click here to access the demonstration, with an awareness that it will take a few minutes to download ...


Function description



btn Helicopter Helicopter: The "Helicopter" view allows you to view the site from a height above the ground looking down on the site and the properties, whilst still being able to move around using the standard Travel & View Direction controls.  This option is only available whilst standing on the road or pavement.  



Travel Direction : On screen, the joystick on the left will allow you to move around the site, the further away from the centre you move the joystick, the faster you will move.


btn SunDial Sundial: When Sundial is clicked, the sun is rotated through the sky, demonstrating shadow, and light, street lamps and internal house lighting.  This option can be utilised from anywhere on the site, including whilst standing inside the properties.  



View Direction : On screen, the joystick on the right will allow you to rotate your angle of view, either to point in a different direction or to look up or down.


btn PropSelect Property Selector: The Property Selector takes you to a top down view of the site, much like a site plan, which includes Sale Boards indicating the Plot Number, House Type Name and whether the plot is for sale or sold  


Health & Safety : Please be careful when walking backwards towards or down stairs and kerbs, we dont want anyone to fall over and hurt themselves, virtually or otherwise.


 btn Refresh Refresh: The refresh button does much as you would expect, resetting your location back to your starting point, and turning off any other functions that are currently running.  


(1) The solution is presented here within a web browser, where its primary deployment would be to a touch screen environment, download speeds are not an issue for on-site installations.

(2) Depending on your connection speeds, and traffic to our site at the time, you may experience a script error, if you do, pressing the continue button will result in the demo appearing on screen within a few seconds.  This issue has come about as a result of the latest software upgrade to the underlying applications software that we use.  We are in advanced discussions with this software supplier in order to rectify this.



Browser Compatability   Limitations

It should be noted that this demonstration is provided for exactly that reason, the primary deployment of our software would be to a large format touch screen in your sales office, or as an App' to tablet computers, and in neither of these scenario's is browser compatibility an issue.

That said, we want you to have a good experience, so have tested the model across a number of Operating Systems and Browser combinations so that we can tell you what will and won't work up front.

Nearly 65% of the Windows desktop browser market is dominated by Internet Explorer (8, 9 & 11), Google Chrome (47 & 48), and Mozilla Firefox and it is these browsers that we have focused our attentions on.

Whilst we are continuing to test further combinations, our current certified compatibility matrix is below for reference ...


Whilst windows tablets should function correctly so long as they are running one of the Operating System / Browser combinations listed, for logistical reasons it has not been possible to test all variations


For Windows users that have chosen to use Apple's Safari browser, Apple have decided not to support this technology in their Windows Safari Browser, hence this is not supported.