Architectural Visualisation

Our Architectural Visualisation Product is a full service solution that brings together best of breed hardware and software delivering to our Clients a fully developed, delivered, installed and supported platform that they can rely on to support their sales offices.

Taking the final CAD drawings for a site or property as our baseline, we will build up the 3D model of the site to include fully textured models of houses (inside and out), roads, pavements and gardens. A site map is included as standard; and an extended 'Surrounding Area' map is also added to demonstrate local facilities.

The software can be made available in a number of ways, including but not limited to large format touch screens wall mounted, free standing or window display; smaller desktop touch screens resident on a desk, or integrated into the sales office environment; tablet or phone applications on either iOS or Android; or internet facing.

Beyond being able to explore the site and individual properties, the added benefits for the prospective Customer are that they can configure the various options that a developer may present, such as tiling, work surfaces and carpets, what the views may look like out of their windows, and how the sun passes over their garden and property.

Benefits for the Developer are a reduction in paper generation and waste, re-usable hardware across sites, re-usable models where a particular house style is repeated on different sites, and the ability to refer a prospective purchaser to another site (Multi Site Function) where a house style they are looking for is available.

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