Time and Project Management

Our Time and Project Management system is way more than it says on the tin,

Within most organisations that we have had the pleasure to work with, there is a hierarchy where at the lowest level sits the Change or Project Manager running small change and various scales of project.  These people, changes and projects will report into a change practice, Project Office or Programme of work, which in turn will report into a corporate structure.  There are within some organisations multiple Programme's of work in flight, and at the highest level there is a desire to understand the state of the organisations change programme, but through the multiple layers, summaries, different interpretations and levels of risk tolerance are factored in, resulting in a skewed top level state.  No more.

Our Time and Project Management system picks up all of the standard tools that a Change, Project and Progarmme Manager might require, including resources, change and project requests, requirements gathering, actions, risks, issues, actions, test planning, defects and of course Time Management at a resource level. 

The dashboards presented, and the reporting created is then relevant to the level at which you are viewing the system, so if you are a Project Manager with 2 projects, you will see those work efforts and all of the resources allocated to you, if you are a Programme Manager, then you will see the state of the Programme, and you will then be able to identify any challenges or issues within, and drill into those to see if any remedial action is necesary.  As COO or CEO, you would have corporate oversight of all Projects and Programmes within your organisation and you will have that and again the ability to drill down to the Programme or Project that may cause you concern.

However you run your projects, under whatever methodology whether it be an external standard, or a best practice home grown approach, we are convinced that you would benefit from our system.

As a part of any implementation, we ask that you run a few projects either real or made up, through a template project planner that we have in a spreadsheet.  Through the use of this tool, we are able to identify any gaps between what we have, and data that you require gathering.  We can then tailor our solution to meet your requirements and then either provide you with the tools to manage a local installation, or with access to our cloud solution

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